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Demand Response

A versatile platform to build modern electricity self-service portals to gather and process meter readings, predict and display consumption data and organize customer relations and invoicing.

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Smart home online control panel

There are several smart home solutions on the market, but they tend to be disconnected and closed ecosystems. In case you do not want to turn your home to a space ship and you just want to keep an eye on your household costs - Demand Response can help you.

  • Demand Response standardized connectors make it easy to add different smart home solutions to Demand Response data repository and display energy consumption on universal online dashboard.
  • Demand Response online dashboard consist of different visual metric tools that will give detailed overview of household energy consumption.
  • Online dashboard can be either used through energy reseller self-service portal or as an independent cloud system in case your reseller is not using Demand Response self-service portal.

Self service energy management

In case your energy reseller uses Demand Response self-service portal solution as well, you will have additional access to other useful features. The list of features includes:

  • Calculating the best energy price-package based on your consumption habits.
  • Access to your visualized historical consumption data.
  • Access to utility bills and automated online payment.
  • Hints and notifications based on your consumption and energy price.

Real-time consumption monitoring

Real-time consumption data is the most valuable set of features in Demand Response. To save energy, you will need realiable information about your current energy consumption. Historical data shows your habits and result of actions in the past. But even then, you cannot be sure what caused one or the other upheaval.

Demand Response real-time monitoring system will allow you to get data about two important things:

  • You will see your current energy consumption after every 10 seconds.
  • Your energy consumption will be compared with energy price on the market and you will not just see the amount of kw/h that you are spending, but you will also see it converted to monetary dimension.

As Demand Response is a cloud environment, it can be accessed from everywhere and with every browser. Demand response has also been optimized for mobile browsers, meaning that you do not have to install any platform specific app.

Historical consumption analysis

And of course, historical consumption data can be accessed as well. We store simplified consumption data for 10-years, so you can track the change in your habits and consumption over long history.


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Data warehouse

Customer consumption data archive is the most valuable asset for every electricity supplier. It is critically important for monthly billing, but also for prediction, portfolio management and upsell purposes.

Demand Response is a set of connectivity services and data aggregation tools to optimize the collecting and processing meter reader data. It can be connected with every device or subsystem that is using EDIEL standard for data transmission. Processed data is then archieved into long-term archieve where it is optimized, aggregated and prepared for business intelligence.

Prediction management

Every electricity supplier must predict the usage of energy in the future. Precise prediction will allow suppliers to earn more as they can buy energy in correct amounts with best possible price.

Demand Response for Business software includes the prediction management module that will analyze customers meter reader data over time, compares patterns with weather and other variables to make the best prediction for the upcoming day. Demand Response includes automated and manual prediction management systems. It is possible to predict yusage for different customer segments as well as the overall forecast.

Portfolio manager

Managing energy balance portfolio is equally important with prediction. Demand Response for Business includes portfolio management tools to track the change in energy purchase, sales and open risk. The purpose of portfolio management is to reduce the open risk for need to buy or sell energy on open stock market on unappropriate price.

Demand Response portfolio management includes predefined graphical charts that will show historical data and predicted future data. Together with customer management system and supply contracts module, it is possible to adjust portfolio management to the preferred result.


Demand Response billing module can be connected with ERP system over web services. Module will send aggregated consumption information to ERP system and will generate an invoice, based on the information recieved back from ERP solution.

Billing is managed electronically via self-service portal and customers can either set automatic credit-card payments in place or transfer money via wire-transfer/e-banking systems.

Demand response keeps track of every invoice for 2 years and allows customers to view and download their PDF's.

Business customer most probably would favor the invoice sedmentation and grouping opportunity that is also included into Demand Response billing module.

Customer relationship manager

A built-in energy CRM system is also a part of the business software. It includes:

  • Contact management (every customer can have one or several contact persons);
  • Contract management. Customers can choose the energy package and sign energy contracts for each consumption point.
  • Billing and payments information. Overdue invoices and customer segmentation by the consumption volumes.
  • Customer newsletter management.




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